The New Jersey Amusement Association sustained a direct hit to the heart of the amusement industry as Hurricane Sandy damaged and destroyed more than 50 miles of the Jersey Shore and dozens of communities from Long Beach Island to Keansburg. Our member’s homes, businesses and property were impacted as well as the property and homes of our communities and guests.

Many of these communities are served by volunteer first responders, including firefighters and emergency medical personnel, who performed vital emergency services at the height of the storm at great personal sacrifice. Today, the storm has passed, but up and down the Jersey Shore, these volunteers and their families are unable to return to their damaged homes and are now in need of shelter, food and basic needs.

The New Jersey Amusement Association needs your help. Now is the time to assist those who risked their personal safety to help us survive Hurricane Sandy.

We will accept direct financial contributions to the volunteer first responders and their Associations. We will also aid by collecting and distributing food, personal articles and basic needs.

Listed below are items of needs as well as information should you wish to make a financial contribution. Please know how grateful we are for any assistance provided.



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